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Our Mission 

To be the preeminent professional society dedicated to advancing clinical applications of therapeutic peptides in medicine by:

  •  Sharing basic and applied scientific studies, offering educational programs, and creating a registry of clinical case studies
  • Promoting collaboration between researchers and clinicians
  • Developing innovative, safe, and effective diagnostic tools and therapeutic protocols

We are a professional organization for advancing the clinical use of peptides. There are many peptides that have incredible regenerative properties ranging from reducing inflammation, improving skin quality to improving the immune system. At our peptide conferences, we review the science and studies that have been done on peptides. Our monthly webinars have health care experts sharing their clinical experiences with the use of peptides. The only way we can advance this science is by sharing our experiences about the benefits and limits of each peptide.

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Updated for 2024 with 8 new peptides – Online

Essential Knowledge in the Clinical Use of Peptides Class

Drs. Edwin Lee and Luis Martinez have taught hundreds of health care providers on the clinical use of peptides for many years.

Regularly priced at  $1,299

Introductory Price is $999 – Limited Time Offer

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We have updated the 13 lectures for 2024 and have added 8 new peptides and have taken out several peptides that probably will not be saved from the FDA ban on peptides and most compound pharmacies are no longer making them.  You will learn alternative peptides to most of the ban peptides.  

This online class is very similar that we teach at a large medical conference.  There are 13 different lectures covering a wide range of peptides to help with cancer, autoimmune disease, improving libido, cognition, energy and looking younger to name a few conditions.  The most important part of the class is to understand how to use the peptides.  A lot of feedback that we get from previous doctors that took our class is that they feel comfortable knowing how to use them, rather than going deep into theoretical biochemical pathways. 

If you are new to peptides, then you can start with easy to incorporate peptides such as BPC 157 and GHK Copper. As you build your knowledge base and experience, you will start using another peptide, such as Thymosin Alpha 1. This class is a wonderful foundation of using peptides and there are many more peptides out there to learn.  Have fun and learn the basics of peptides by taking this online peptide certification class.  There are many more peptides out there and we can teach you more after this class.


“I have done some of Seeds’ courses and A4M, and so far the Clinical Peptide Society online peptide class has been the best one.”


– Keegan Ziemba, MD
Index Health, Inc.


Starts with 6pm Cocktails on 10/11/2024

Become an Expert in Wellness in Our






Recorded live 03/16/2024

– 14 Lessons, 10 new peptides –

Clinical Peptide Society


New Peptide Options

And  introduction to peptides

10 New Peptides

Recorded in Orlando, FL on
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Upcoming Webinars

  • June 12, 2024 at 8PM EST Dr. Luis Martinez on New Therapeutic Peptide Options
  • July 17, 2024 at 8 pm EST Dr. Ellen Edgar (neurologist) experience with peptides
  • Aug 2024  Mark Sherwood Mitochondria and Longevity ( Genetics, Peptides and Nutraceuticals) date to be determined
  • Sep 2024  Dr. William Ruiz – Peptides used by a Gynecologist (date to be determined)
  • Oct 2024 Ask your peptide questions to Drs. Lee and Dr. Martinez (date to be determined)


“My name is Matt Langan. I am a 5’ 11” male. My normal, healthy weight is 155 lbs. In 2018, I was normal and healthy. In 2019, I was in a wheelchair, unable to walk on my own, and I weighed nearly 100 lbs. due to suffering from severe ulcerative pan-colitis. I tried every pharmaceutical option recommended and made available to me from gastroenterologists and nothing worked. I flew down to Orlando to see Rebecca Murray at the Institute for Hormonal Balance. A vital part of our protocol was the subcutaneous use of Thymosin and BPC-157 peptides. Within months of beginning the use of these peptides, I had gained 40 lbs. of lean muscle and reclaimed my health and life. To this day, over two years later, I remain asymptomatic and thriving. I used the peptides in conjunction with other nutritional supplementation and lifestyle changes but I remain convinced that they played a significant positive contributor to my healing journey. In my use of the peptides, they were beneficial, affordable and safe. I fear that if I were to flare again, if peptides are no longer made available, I may not be able to heal again. I also fear for those who haven’t been able to heal using traditional pharmaceutical medications and need another option like peptides. If peptides are no longer made available to them, then that would be one less possible solution that they could pursue. Peptides saved and changed my life in a significantly positive way and need to remain available as a powerful healing tool.”

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The Fountain of Youth With Peptides

Dr. Edwin Lee

Discover the powers of regenerative peptides and learn how to restore your health with Dr. Edwin Lee’s book, The Fountain of Youth with Peptides.

This is a comprehensive guide, which is well researched with easy-to-read topics on: looking younger, improving hair growth, strengthening the immune system, restoring lost libido and many more.

Written for the general public, it provides an extensive yet understandable summary for all of the latest scientific information on these amazingly regenerative peptides. Dr. Lee has authored many award-winning books, and his message is that peptides are here to help you and your loved ones.

Regenerative medicine is finally obtainable, and this book will show you the way.

regulatory changes

“Unfortunately the FDA has implemented regulatory changes in the definition of a peptide less than 40 amino acid long and a “biological product”.  One compound pharmacy has been restricted in compounding peptides like BPC-157, MOTS-c, Semax and other peptides.  It is predicted that other compound pharmacies will no longer be able to compound peptides since the peptides are not on the Bulk Compounding List (503a) although they have been nominated to be on the list.  The FDA created the bulk drug list and quickly closed nominations. They also limited hearings and often rushed hearings to not allow public comment.

As a result, the FDA is creating legislation and selectively enforcing it. Our long-term goal is to be a force in helping to make policy changes in the use of peptides in medicine. It will take a significant effort to get this done.  We invite everyone to become involved with  and help us achieve this.  Imagine getting access to peptides that could significantly impact the health and wellness of you and your loved ones.