advancing therapeutic peptides

When and where :


Oct 11, 2024 Friday at 6 PM – Cocktails and dinner to follow.  Place to be determined in Orlando FL

Oct 12, 2024 Sat at 8 AM – Dr. Lee’s office Institute for Hormonal Balance – 7009 Dr Phillips Blvd Suite 150, Orlando FL 32819


Why?  Become a leader in your field in wellness


Hotel:  Orlando has many hotels.  Unfortunately there is no designated hotel with a discounted rates, since most people attending will be local.  You might want to avoid the hotels on International drive near Sand Lake Road since the intersection of I-4 and Sand Lake is a 3 year project for expanding the highway and the traffic can be terrible.  Hotels near Universal studios are close to the office.  Also Bay Hill Country Club has a small petite hotel and if you stay there your spouse or partner can play golf there.  Drury Inn is the closest hotel to the office ( next to Whole Foods).  The address of Drury hotel is 7301 W Sand Lake Road.



Bonus with Early Bird Special of $4000 which includes the latest recording of the March 16, 2024 on New Peptide Options and 10 new peptides that Dr. Luis Martinez and Dr. Lee lectured on.  The 14 lectures recorded retails for $499.  

To obtain the March 16 recordings, you will get a special code by email to redeem them.

When the early bird special expires then the price will go up to $5,000 and the March 16th recording will not be included.


What is included: Friday night – cocktails and dinner.  ( 2 drinks per person will be covered). The restaurant for the Friday cocktails and dinner will be determined. 

Sat breakfast will not be covered but coffee and tea will be provided.  Sat mid morning snack, lunch and mid afternoon snack.

  • Saturday dinner will be optional at a Thai restaurant.  (Dinner is on your own)
  • Attire for Oct 12 Sat – recommend to wear your scrubs.. You can change in my office afterwards to go out for lunch or for dinner.
  • Limit – 10 attendees (It will sell out)



Tentative Topics to be covered on Oct 12, 2024


Besides Dr. Luis Martinez and Dr. Lee teaching we will have an orthopedic specialist and an critical care doctor to help out with the joint injections with ultrasound guidance.


1)   Learn how to inject into joints without an ultrasound (knees, shoulders, ankles, wrists, elbows)

2)   Learn to use an ultrasound for joint injections (knees, shoulders, ankles, wrists, elbows and hip)

3)   The benefits of EBOO (Extracorporeal Blood Oxygenation and Ozonation)- one of the most powerful ozone therapy there is and can help with many things, especially help with microcirculation and with mitochondrial function.

4)   We will have 1 or 2 people that will receive a free session of EBOO (however  if you undergo an EBOO therapy then you might not be taught to do joint injections since you will be hooked up to the EBOO machine for about 75 minutes)

5)   Reversing Mild to Moderate Dementia

6)   New peptides we have not discussed

7)   Case Studies with Umbilical cord tissue products

8)   Simple tests for longevity

9)   Exercises for longevity

10)  Update on Senolytics

11)  The hottest thing in bio hacking Therapeutic Plasma Exchange 





We are a professional organization for advancing the clinical use of peptides. There are many peptides that have incredible regenerative properties ranging from reducing inflammation, improving skin quality to improving the immune system. At our peptide conferences, we review the science and studies that have been done on peptides. Our monthly webinars have health care experts sharing their clinical experiences with the use of peptides. The only way we can advance this science is by sharing our experiences about the benefits and limits of each peptide.