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Introduction to Peptides

Understand what a peptide is, what clinical action it does, what receptor site does a peptide interact on and which peptides are hormones.  Also understand how a peptide is synthesized in a lab and how many peptides that a human has.

Healing Peptide BPC-157

A brief history of the discovery of BPC157 will be reviewed. The possible mechanism of BPC 157 and the multiple benefits of BPC 157 in animal studies will be reviewed. The first human study on BPC 157 on knee pain will be reviewed.

Thymosin Peptides TA1, Thymulin and TA 11

Thymosin alpha 1 (TA1) has been extensively studied in humans and also it has been studied in COVID. In March 2020 the FDA has banned TA1 not due to an increase in mortality but in retaliation of a compound pharmacy mentioning that TA1 can cure COVID. Because of the scarcity of getting TA1, we have included thymulin and discuss the action and the studies done with thymulin.  TA 11 is a new thymosin peptide and it will be reviewed.

Growth Hormone Peptides

Understand how Growth hormone peptides work on the pituitary gland, benefits of them and side effects.  The peptides that will be reviewed will be Semorelin, CJC1295 with Ipamorelin, Tesamorelin, AOD9604 and MK667.  Also understand the 2 different pituitary receptors involved with increasing growth hormone.

Autoimmune Peptides

The innate and adaptive immune system, the different T cells including Effector T cells vs Regulatory T cells and major histo compatility complex will be reviewed. Peptides that will be reviewed will be Opioid growth factor, TA1, TB4, Thymulin, BPC 157 and Vasoactive intestinal peptide will be reviewed.

Cosmeceutical Peptides

A review of the dermis of the skin will be covered. 3 different types of skin peptides will be covered and GHK- copper and botox like peptides will be covered.

Mitochondria peptides

Understand the function of the mitochondria and learn the peptides SS-31 and the top 5 benefits of MOTS-c.


Cancer Peptides

Understand the role of environmental toxins on cancer. The peptides that will be covered are Epitalon, TA1, Met enkephalin and GHK copper.

Neuro regenerative peptides

Learn the peptides that can help with memory, focus, and neurogenesis.  Some of the peptides that are covered are Cerebrolysin, TB4, TB4 frag, and FGL

Melanotan Peptides

Q and A on the Melanotan 1 and 2.  Learn through these Q and A about peptides

Pain Peptides

Learn the role of ARA290, KPV and MetEnkelphalin in helping with pain.  TB4 and BPC-157 also helps with pain and they are covered in other lectures.

Epitalon and Pinealon

Learn about the benefits of Epitalon and Pinealon.  Understand the role of Epitalon and on cell cycle.


Sex Peptides

Learn about 3 peptides Gonadorelin, Oxytocin and Bremelanotide (PT 141)

All of the webinars that are provided as a general guideline and for informational purpose only. The information is not intended to replace medical advise by other physicians. Readers and viewers are encouraged to confirm the information provided with other sources. Clinical Peptide Society has made every effort to have all lectures and statements made regarding Peptides comply with all FDA and State and Local laws. There are some Peptides which the FDA has not approved for compounding. These non FDA approved peptides that are discussed in the webinar is for scientific discussion. Dr. Edwin Lee, Dr. Luis Martinez, Clinical Peptide Society and the guest lecturer will not be liable for any direct or indirect damages from information provided.