Essential Knowledge in the Clinical Use of Peptides Class


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Drs. Edwin Lee and Luis Martinez have taught hundreds of health care providers on the clinical use of peptides for many years.  A lot of the feedback that we get is that our classes are practical and give the practitioners the knowledge they need on how to integrate peptides into their clinical practice immediately, rather than going to deep into theoretical biochemical aspects.  We have updated our slides and there are 10 different lectures covering a wide range of peptides to help with cancer, improving libido, cognition, focus and looking younger to name a few conditions.  The most important part of the class is to understand how to use the peptides.  If you are new to peptides, then you can start with easy to incorporate peptides such as  BPC 157 and GHK Copper. As you build your knowledge base and experience, you will start using another peptides, such as thymulin. This class is a wonderful foundation of using peptides and there are many more peptides out there to learn.  Have fun and learn the basics of peptides by taking this online peptide certification class.

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